About Us

August Blooms was created when I (Coley) hung out with Amanda for the first time and we made friendship bracelets for each other. She had a giant bucket of beads that we would dig out of, and we would make bracelets every time I came to her house. Eventually, after everyone was asking for us to make bracelets for them, we realized we could make a business from this. Amanda ordered every possible bead, string, packaging, and display we could get, and we spent countless hours stocking our inventory. She wanted the business to be named after her son, August, and because of her love for flowers, she added “blooms” to represent growth or blossoming. We ended up with at least 100 bracelets, about 15 phone charms, and 10-20 necklaces and we took it all to the Silver Lake flea market. With our tent and a table, we spent all day selling our products, and even though we didn’t sell much that day, we learned a lot about how to run the business. After the flea market we shifted our focus to social media and selling online, due to so many requests. Amanda unfortunately passed away before we could complete the website, and I gave away all of the products that she had originally made to friends and family. By October of 2023, I had no inventory but knew that I needed to keep this business alive in her honor. I recruited my sister, Bailey, and best friend, Natalie, and we got back to work. August Blooms has been a work in progress for the longest time, with so many challenges thrown at us along the way, but I am so proud to be finally sharing our story and jewelry with the world. Thank you for your support, and to Amanda, I will forever stay clocked in for you.